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The mission of the Department of Libraries is to enrich quality of life for our community of residents, workers and visitors by providing free access to ideas, information and materials and to guide research, education and entertainment in a safe and welcoming environment.

South Coastal Library is one of three county operated libraries and follows the administrative policies of the Sussex County Department of Libraries. Materials are selected according to content, regardless of the format. The needs of the local community are the chief determinants in the content of the collection; the size of the individual libraries are an important factor in determining the scope of their collections. Reference collections will meet general community needs, not specialized research.

Read our full collection development policy.

In order to ensure a representative and diverse collection, we utilize and encourage book recommendations from the community. Let us know what you would like to see in our catalog! Please check the catalog to make sure the recommended material is not already within the DE library consortium. Please fill out the form below and include contact information so we can inform you if/and when the material is acquired. Thank you.

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