New Zealand Pen Pal Program

Thanks to a partnership between South Coastal Library, Kent County Library, and Wellington City Libraries, you can now have the opportunity to connect with a New Zealander!

This is a fun way to learn about another country and make a new friend. We handle all the international postage – you bring in and pick up your letters at the library.

How to sign up:

  1. Fill out a registration form. Registration forms are available at the library and online. Click here to register online. Parental permission and signature is needed for anyone to participate under the age of 18. Please register all persons under 18 in person at the library.
  2. Wait! After you are registered, library staff will work to match you with your New Zealand pen pal! Please be patient.
  3. Get matched! You will be notified with the full name of your pen pal and some basic information. Please use their full name when addressing envelopes!

How the program works:

  1. Write your letter and drop it off at your library. Be sure to address it clearly!
  2. When your letter arrives from New Zealand, you’ll be notified! Just stop in to the library to pick it up!
  3. Respond to your pen pal and write another letter! Drop it off again and we’ll send it to New Zealand for you! Your return letter will come back to us, just as before.
  4. We will be sending and receiving monthly packages of letters! Continue your correspondence with your pen pal each month!

We encourage participants to use caution when/if including personal information in their letters.